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Johnny Reep

Johnny Reep

Former Fire Captain and Inspiration

Johnny Reep’s firefighting interest began as a 19 year old volunteer firefighter in Warren, Arkansas in 1969. In 1973, he was appointed to the Little Rock Fire Department. He developed a love for the precision tools used by firefighters, and started his collection of firefighting equipment by buying antique fire extinguishers.


During Johnny’s 30-year career he served as

  • Vice President and President of the Little Rock Firefighters
  • Pension Board Trustee for 28 years
  • Volunteer firefighter
  • Lobbyist at State Capitol 17 years
  • Yearbook Co-editor 1979, 1992, 2002
  • Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial Board 1994 – 2014
  • Firehouse Hostel and Museum Board


Johnny retired in 2003 and went to work selling and servicing fire extinguishers.

In 2015, Johnny asked a friend drive him to Union, Missouri to find a fire truck in a barn. He and Robert Walla worked on the 1954 Mack pumper for two days, and then Johnny drove the open cab fire engine at 40 miles per hour all the way back to Little Rock – a trip of 358 miles taking two more days; much of it in the rain.